Role Of Education In Ending World Poverty

Role Of Education In Ending World Poverty

Barack Obama , Politician and former president of united states of America once  said -”The best anti poverty program is a world class education”. He was right in stating that the best way to fight poverty is by making the access of education to each and every individual in the world.


In todays world poverty has become a major problem . Hasnt it?Though everyone’s definition of poverty is different as some say it is lack of money in pocket while some say that it is the lack of basic living facilities, but still today it has become one of the biggest challenges that the world has to overcome.


As estimated by world bank, almost half of the worlds population that is 3.4 billion people , lives under the poverty line lacking basic living facilities. The most poors in the world are estimated to live in sub -saharan regions where they are denied access to clean water, basic health facilities , education and sanitation.

The United nations in its 2030 agenda even committed that providing quality education to the people is not only for its global goals but majorly for eradicating poverty from the world.


High quality education seems the most reliable way to eradicate poverty from the world. Education not only makes an individual learn new skills set  but also helps them in becoming self reliant hence boosting their confidence. It is seen that if a child is even provided basic education , it will bring around 10% of poor above the poverty line. Education has the power to make a person learn new skills which will indeed help them in fetching jobs and improving their living standards.


It is estimated that if even basic writing and reading skills are taught to children , it can bring a major change in the world and reduce the number of poor’s living under poverty line. Hence government of each country is trying its best to at least provide primary education to the poor children.

Education For Everyone

Education is something which  everyone should have access to . Education is a right and hence it should be available to everyone irrespective of gender, race or income level. Education  can help in the economic development of the nations and has the power to reduce the world poverty to a great extent. Education can increase both the individual income of people and help in the development of economy of a country. Hence there is need to educate each and every individual in the world.


Children  should be the very first ones  who should receive quality education. It should be made sure that every child receives at least some primary level of education. Also poor women should also be educated in order to decrease the income inequality and also to improve the health conditions of the family. When it comes to education , the quality of it also matters.


Many countries like China changed their education system which resulted in reduction in poverty levels in the country. Not only does education help poor people in earning income but also helps them in improving their standard of living.

In addition to that education helps in reducing income inequality between poor men and women. Educating poor women helps them in understanding their potential and makes them independent. It helps them in getting jobs and earn their own money which will in fact lead to more income in their house and high standard of living. Adding to this education also helps in reducing health risks which poor people face.


An educated women is less likely to give birth to more children which indeed helps in reducing the pregnancy risks  which mostly all poor women face. Hence the mortality rates lies in control. This increases the chances of  them getting above the poverty line as short families means less expenses.


An educated person also contributes to the economy. If a person is educated ,it is likely that they will buy and make purchases . These purchases increase the demand for goods which increase the number of jobs in the economy. Hence leading to economic growth.

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