Encouraging Young Children In Reading And Literacy

Education, as we all know, plays a very important role in everyone’s life. An educated person is considered as an asset for the community as well as the nation whereas an uneducated person is considered as a liability in the social circle. An educated person is independent as he/she can earn for their living  and maintains a good standard of living. That’s why in todays scenario, there is a special need for literacy.

Why Should Young Children Be Encouraged In Education?

 “ The main hope of nation lies in the proper education of youth”.


It has been said correct that the hope of a nations prosperity lies always in how you educate the youth. The children of today will become the youth of the country in future. Hence educating them today will do great wonders for both them and the country. In a country like India, where the majority of population is youth, there is a need to encourage education from the very basic years of a child’s life. Also, early education can prove to be very beneficial to the children.


Early education not only provides a child a chance to learn but also builds a strong foundation for the child’s future. It prepares them for higher education. It also helps the child in getting to know themselves and builds them both socially and emotionally. In short, early education helps a child in learning the basic knowledge which he/she can then use to make decisions about their life in future.


Importance Of Reading In A Childs Development

Reading is the best way to encourage children into literacy. A good book can do wonders for a child. Reading can help children to immerse in them and think about the fantasies or mysteries of world. In addition to that reading helps a lot in the personality development of children. Even if a child knows the basic skill of reading, they can still do so in life than anyone can imagine.


Reading not only helps in the cognitive development of a child but also helps them in better understanding of the world. The variety of stories present in them , inculcate so many values in them. Books also helps in developing creativity in children and also helps in higher understanding. The vocabulary of children also increases as they read. Hence reading has numerous benefit in a child’s life.


Ways To Encourage Reading and Literacy

Due to such numerous benefits of literacy and reading governments and concerning bodies all around the world are doing their best in making everyone aware about importance of education in a child life. Many countries have totally improvised their education system and made it more child friendly for the holistic development of children. Now people are focusing more on skill development in their child rather than encouraging them to cramming what’s written in the books.


But there are millions of children around the world who don’t know anything about education and haven’t even heard of how important it is. That’s why many organizations are doing their best in providing good quality education to these children.

Also there is a need to make education more about understanding rather than learning so that children have joy in what they are doing.


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