Promoting Diversity in Classrooms

With so many Ethnicities, races, cultures, and so many different backgrounds, there is no doubt that today’s world is diverse. So many people from different cultures and backgrounds live together for jobs and other purposes. Hence there is a need to accept each other’s differences and appreciate the uniqueness each one of us holds.

Importance of Diversity in classroom

Everyone knows the importance of school and classrooms in a child’s life. Today in the changing world, children from different ethnicities study in the same classroom with each other. They understand each other’s cultures and differences by checking with students from different regions.

This helps in enhancing their minds and helps them in developing a broad understanding of the world. Having diverse students in schools allows students to understand each other’s differences and helps them in accepting their differences than ignoring them. Also, today’s world is mixed, with many different people living together. Hence studying with other people helps the students adjust to today’s diverse world.

In a country like India, where many different religions, hundreds of dialects, and many different cultures are practiced, it sometimes becomes difficult for people to adjust. Hence, at a very early age, students should be made to study with people from different backgrounds to help them change in the future. Also, having students from different cultures and ethnicities helps inculcate critical cultural values and helps them learn about new cultures and traditions.

But the main reason why promoting diversity in classrooms is essential is that no child feels neglected if they belong to a different group of people. The fundamental idea behind this is to make every child feel important and accepted in the education institutes.

Ways to Promote Diversity

Since interacting with a diverse group of people is essential for a child’s development, so is increasing diversity in classrooms. Schools all around the world are recognizing this thing and promoting as much variety as they can. There are several ways to encourage more diversity in classrooms which are as follows:

  • Interacting with students: Teachers must interact with all the students and get to know them. By doing this, the children from different cultures will not feel neglected and will open up to other fellow students.
  • Promoting cultural activities: Various cultural activities should be organized by schools to raise cultural awareness. By doing this, the children of different cultures will feel attached to their own culture and get to know various other cultures.
  • Study material: The study material should include topics from different cultures and not only focus on a particular culture. By doing so, the students from other cultures will be essential and will also get to know their history.

Promoting diversity is very important as it has many benefits for a student. It should be made sure in schools that no children or students participate in any discrimination and each one of the favs accept each other as they are. Schools should be more open to students from different cultures and ethnicities.

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