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"Education is not preparation for life, Education is life in itself"- John Dewey 

Edukul is on a quest to empower underprivileged Children with a tool of change to change their lives. We have a dedicated team of volunteers working towards an aim to provide basic education to 1 million underprivileged and poor children by 2030. Let us join hands to give these children and their families a bright future together.

Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade

Our Mission

Edukul is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to providing education to children from underprivileged sections of society. We are on a mission to provideĀ underprivileged children with education, books, clothed, shoes, stationery and much more to enabling them to learn.

  • Facilitate a source for education to underprivileged children.
  • Improving the access of children to study materials.
  • Offering learning essentials like clothes, books and bags to poor children.

Our Vision

  • To ensure that hunger and lack of nutrition don’t deprive them of education.
  • To provide all the neccessary supplies for a smooth learning exprerience.
  • To provide a fun and positive learning environment with complete social inclusion.
  • To inculcate values within them from a young age.

Our vision is to provide education as a vehicle to empower children to fight injustice, become self-sufficient and create a lasting change. We believe increasing access to education benfits society concerning health and longevity.

Professional People

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Edukul helped me learn as well as research on various aspects of education that even I was not aware of. Team has been very supportive and motivating .

Kriti Malhotra

Edukul is an excellent platform for both learning and developing . Have learnt a lot of new things and gained an experience which will be helping me throughout my journey . It has also given me opportunities to be a good human being and do good for others .

Varnika Valecha

I enjoyed volunteering at Edukul, as all the staff were welcoming and provided a friendly, warm atmosphere. When volunteering for underserved communities, I felt a sense of pride when helping the children by teaching and serving them with things they didn’t have access to.


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Edukul is a nonprofit organization aimed at improving the lives of children in underprivileged area.

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